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All about Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Products


Physiotherapy is known as an area of health that is responsible for developing, promoting, and maintaining people's physical functions and movement capability. It has existed for centuries as a way of treatment for disabilities and dysfunctions. It is also useful for the rehabilitation of a patient suffering from conditions inflicted by any ailment or accident.

Importance of Physiotherapy

It is widely prescribed as a treatment to recover from injuries and other muscle conditions. Chronic pain and injuries that challenge your mobility can be treated with physiotherapy.

Following are some reasons why physiotherapy is important:

  • The range of Motion: If you have suffered from any injury that has adversely affected your range of motion; then you will feel fatigue all the time and will have to refrain from physical activities. With physiotherapy, patients will be able to regain their usual activity and mobility.
  • Exercise: Many people have a perception that if once they have undergone some exercises by their physiotherapist, they do not require further assistance. It is an incorrect perception because your physiotherapist will keep a check on your improvement and then accordingly increase or decrease the level of exercise for your progress.
  • Neurological Disorder: If there's a patient who has suffered a stroke or any neurological imbalance for instance Parkinson’s disease then physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in improving and recovering from that damage.
  • Cardiopulmonary Conditions: If there's a patient who has suffered from breathing issues your physiotherapist will prescribe you exercises that can help to achieve great improvements.
  • Pain Management: If you suffer from pain due to any accident or injury or chronic pain due to other reasons, physiotherapy will play a key role in conferring pain management in order to improve the quality of your life so you are able to resume your routine chores efficiently.

Important Physiotherapy Products

As we know now that physiotherapy is an important treatment to ensure the quality of life and a physiotherapist makes that possible by prescribing different exercises and using various equipment that helps in the process of healing. There is also some equipment that makes physiotherapy possible at home. Here we have assorted a list of equipment that will prove to be helpful for you:

  • Primo Stimulation Multidyne 970
It provides all medium and low outputs from 1 unit. Stimulation therapy is typically used for treating muscle atrophy, important rehabilitation processes that are inflicted by musculoskeletal injuries, for instance, damage to joints bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

  • Topline Shockwave unit: It is a compact and easy to use unit that caters to a wide range of therapeutic needs. It is self-contained and most important it's portable. It carries a high output compressor, fitted inside the unit.

  • Zimmer EnPulse Shockwave unit: A therapy system that works on mobile radial shockwave phenomenon with high-energy and ballistic pulses. It is used for the treatment of biological tissues in various medical conditions. It is a unique and easy-to-use system.

  • Theracane Massager: It is a self-massage that applies pressure on sore muscles in order to heal them. The unique body design of the Theracane Massager is perfect to apply deep pressure in order to reach areas of your body using six treatment balls that help in relieving pain.

  • Tens Electrode pads: They are reusable replacement unit pads that are used for Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) because they function as electrical nerve stimulator devices. Tens Electrode Pads are widely used for physiotherapy purposes.

  • Back Relieve Pain Relief Vest: It is a therapy that is completely drug-free to relieve back pain. Anyone can use it regardless of the source of pain whether it is near the shoulders or in the spinal column.
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