Wednesday, December 2, 2020

4 Causes of Transmission Leak Repair for your Vehicle

Your transmission contains a lot of rapidly moving parts and components inside it. The mechanism of engine parts and transmission parts is almost similar. The transmission elements also generate some amount of heat as the components rub concurrently. Thus ending with the need for lubricating the parts of the engine. Therefore, for the lubrication of transmission, there’s unique transmission fluid. The importance of transmission fluid is that it helps in cooling the internal parts of the transmission and also provides power to the transmission. 

Sometimes the transmission fluid leaks, so you need to go for transmission leak repair. A transmission leak is when a red liquid is dropping underneath your car. There are many reasons why this leak could occur, but we have listed the basic problems below, which would help you to identify it in the early stage. 

  • Transmission Pan Gasket: Every transmission vehicle has a transmission pan, where all the transmission fluid is. The seal which prevents the oil from spilling out is called the transmission gasket. So, if the gasket gets damaged, then it causes a transmission fluid leak.
  • Broken Fluid Line: The fluid line in the transmission tank is generally made up of aluminium or steel material. Sometimes for continuous heat exposure or road debris damages the fluid. Instead of being made with alloy metal, the fluid line still gets damaged. If liquid line damage occurs, the transmission fluid leaks sooner than any other breakage. You should repair the broken fluid line damage earliest; otherwise, you could face the middle of the road break down. 
  • Worn Transmission Pan: This component rarely gets damaged by an external force but gets worn out by time. A transmission pan has small but several but nuts and drains plug in it. Thus a leak could quickly occur if one of these parts gets loose for friction or gets worn and torn. Sometimes, you see it while you drive your car on rough terrains. The roads which have a lot of debris and rock the pan itself gets damaged. If drain plugs or bolts get to loosen up, you can tighten them as a temporary solution, but at last, get them replaced, and so you need to take your vehicle for transmission leak repair
  • Torque Converter Leakage: Transmission fluid is transferred to the transmission tank with the help of a torque convertor. If the torque converter gets damaged, the transmission fluid leak. You can't see a torque convertor, or neither could repair it until you are a mechanic; therefore, pay a visit to a mechanic or service station as soon as you could. 
If you have transmission fluid damage, the average cost of a transmission leak repair will cost you around $150-$200. However, the price may depend on the location of the transmission leak. If the leaking is from the front seal, the mechanic must take out the whole transmission and then repair it. 

The location of the fluid dripping and from where the fluid is dripping tells the mechanic about the transmission fluid leak. Identifying the site makes it easier to repair. 

Most of the time, you won’t need to go for transmission leak repairs, but when the need arises, look out for the best solution to occasionally to get checked by a professional mechanic. This will prevent any further damage to your vehicle. If any component would be damaged or braked, it is best to get them replaced. But inspecting it from time to time is essential. 



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